Dedicated internet services:
Our Corporate Internet is created to help improve your company's productivity. It not only provides high speed internet access, but also staff email accounts, your company's website and security for staff PCs. With our corporate internet connection, small and medium sized businesses as well as enterprises maximize the internet.
We offer various packages with speeds ranging from 1Mbps up to 155 Mb. Packages are also available for single user and multiple user businesses, to enable businesses of all sizes leverage the benefits of the internet.
Taak Tech. also has its own ISP partnership service from WASEL Telecom and Etisalat Afghanistan, and we are poised to take on the challenge of providing very high quality internet solutions at affordable prices. This will deliver effective data communications in today's networked economy, where timely access from virtually anywhere to business information sources is crucial and essential for you to be able to gain a competitive advantage to serve your customers, business partners, suppliers and employees.

Advantage of Internet Dedicated Access:
Provision with a contention Ratio of 1:1
Free Public IP address
Free Equipment
Flexible And Scalable bandwidths

V-SAT (YahClick)
Yahclick is a satellite broadband service offered in partnership with Yahsat, a regional satellite operator based in the UAE with a focus on Africa and the Middle East. YahClick is a breakthrough satellite broadband Internet service in Afghanistan. A cost-effective, high-speed satellite broadband service, it is ready to serve our customers’ internet broadband needs. With YahClick our customers can instantly connect to the Internet from anywhere by using a small satellite dish and satellite modem. YahClick satellite coverage will bring fast and efficient communications to many regions throughout Afghanistan, all of which are currently without Internet and even everyday telephone connections. Now users can access Internet services without having to wait for terrestrial systems to roll out and without having to pay for expensive fiber or copper lines, or even suffer service cuts. Even in areas of heavy rainfall, the technology will adjust the power required to ensure the link is maintained, not lost or disrupted, delivering a highly reliable service.
With Yahclick, rest assured that you are enjoying one of the fastest and most reliable Satellite broadband internet service in the world.

Advantage of YahClick:
Uptime 99.5% Guaranteed
Unlimited bandwidth available
Coverage all Afghanistan